Mark Prince has been an account executive in the Ed tech world for the last 20 years. Before that, Mark attempted to live his life out of a sense of calling by God to preach the gospel.  The desire was to perhaps plant a church that would reach out and make a difference both for the poor, and that would communicate the good news in a winsome way to those who had long bypassed what the church has to offer.  


The narrow path blog evolved from my lifelong contemplation of what it is to mean for those of us who profess Christ to walk on the narrow path that Jesus spoke of, while simultaneously realizing that most in the American community of faith can’t even define it. As a result of that realization, as well as my own shortcomings in the honest pursuit of it, I found out part of the problem is that many have either not been taught what it is, do not care, or refuse to affirm the extreme difficulty of walking authentically on that oft lonely road in this American context. This blog is somewhat of an experiential walk through that journey, as well as musings about life; culture; politics; the great reset; and virtually anything I feel I might have to say worth reading.  


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