Who is Mark anyway?

Mark Prince has been an account executive in the Edtech world for the last 20 years.  Before that, Mark attempted to live his life out of a sense of calling by God to preach the gospel.  The desire was to perhaps plant a church that would reach out and make a difference both for the poor, and that would communicate the good news in a winsome way to those who had long bypassed what the church has to offer.  This quest led him instead to seek to fit in with the myriad of establishment churches and find a place for his square peg approach to fit into the round hole of the American church.

What’s his story?

After preaching at several churches for a few short years, Mark took a much-needed sabbatical into the world of business and spent the rest of his time occasionally preaching and trying to make difference in the lives of others behind the scenes.  Through that now 20-year sabbatical of envisioning and even seeking out a place to belong again inside of the leadership establishment of the church, he then realized that at some point God would use him in a different way. This led him to realize that his real gift outside of speaking was to write what he was feeling about the state of the church and its need for reform and share it with others. And that this in turn might cause people to relook into the gospel for themselves in a fresh and new way.

Mark has been blogging regularly for the last 6 ½ years on all things church, culture, and life in general in this regular blog called: The Narrow Path: The Daily Meanderings of a Cracked up American Life Searching for the Jesus Missing in America and Me. His goal is to write a book around reimagining the church while clearly living as exiles in a country that no longer calls Judeo-Christian values their own. Though this may be a shocking statement to some, the evidence is everywhere for those who are paying attention.

Mark has a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries and Bible from Columbia International University, and a master’s degree in Missiology from Columbia Biblical Seminary.  Mark resides with his wife and son in Little River, S.C.

God’s Peace!

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