Narrow Path Afterthoughts: I Love Gay People-Part 2

Part 2 This is the conclusion of my love letter to Gay people and the offer of an olive branch to love them and kindly disagree on some points, with love. Have I said that enough already? Let’s have a pint!


  1. I must check back here more often, you have been a busy man!

    Anyone with the attitude that he is dedicated to engaging in a particular sin or sins until death, regardless of what the Church or Bible says, cannot be a Christian. Sinners must actively seek forgiveness for their sins and honestly try to sin no more, otherwise they are no different from anyone else living in the world. All sinners should be loved, of course, regardless of their attitude toward sin. You have used homosexuality as an example to support these views and did a fine job. Thank You.

    • Brandon. So good to hear from you. If you get some time go back and walk with me through Romans from the beginning as I am now in the latter part of chapter 2 is I really try to explain this in more detail from a biblical perspective. Feel free to go to my YouTube channel and subscribe if you can. God bless you my brother. Let’s keep lifting each other up in prayer.

  2. Wow lots of videos on YouTube. Subscribed!

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