While Waiting for the Red Wave

To say the last two years has been like living in a Twilight Zone is to grossly understate the matter for anyone even accidentally paying attention.  I’m not a politician mind you, and I don’t claim to necessarily have my finger on the pulse of everything that is going on in America’s political landscape.  And the truth is, even when I seek to get more knowledgeable by reading a particular book on a hot button topic, I quickly chuck it to the side due to sheer boredom or outright depression.  In addition, as I force myself to see what’s going on in the news a mere few times a week, the repetitive talking points and utter hypocrisy on both sides of the isle now give me an upset stomach that tends to linger throughout the evening.  I then resort to something less nauseating that requires fewer brain waves, like football for instance, or conversely; a though-provoking book that gives me some measure of enlightenment or joy as I read.  And the main book I read is of course that outdated, neanderthal of a book called The Holy Bible.

(Warning, conspiracy theorist alert incoming!)

Monk Tendencies

Now I don’t say that to make me look saintly, nor am I putting myself forth as your new spiritual director per say.  The truth is, we’ve got enough yahoo’s already doing that so much so that its exhausting to find anyone who’s saying much worthy of our attention.  To be sure I am writing and occasionally YouTubing my own thoughts on various matters, much more so on the spiritual side of things because I dare to actually think I have something to say in regards to that.  When I don’t’, these days I pretty much resort to just shutting my mouth and garnering the best “smart ass” face I can muster up kept on a regular loop.  Either that or simply putting my “bless their heart”, condescending monk face on, and then hoping for a chariot to usher me to some mountain cave to camp out on away from all the mayhem, while conveniently listening to some hip new Gregorian chants.  In fact, as I think about this, is causes me to grin wondering how I really got here.  No one would have ever guessed this was the Mark Prince they would see at 58.  But then it occurs to me, that it’s quite easy if you make the good book your main book. Because if you marinate there long enough, sooner or later your gag reflex to all the world’s promises of progress sounds an awful lot like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Every Vote Counts

But then being a good citizen and all, reluctantly, you go to your local voting booth and cast your vote across a party line while cringing at the one’s you’d gladly exclude.  And though also seemingly hypocritical, you still believe it represents at least part and parcel the values of that outdated book I mentioned is in stark agreement with (multiple caveats implied).  You then say to yourself, “Self, this really matters”!  So you resign to the fact that you still have a voice.  Even when, though labeled as nothing more than a conspiracy theorist, racist; white nationalist; homophobe; MAGA republican; (did I leave anything out?); you now know that the former theory of having a vote that counts has become at least suspect.  And you also know that there are larger powers in the unseen heavenlies ensuring their pawns on both sides have the last hoorah no matter what you do.  At least that’s what 2020 taught me.  So much so that I could actually teach that class.  And my reminder to any of you poor souls who occasionally read my madness, is to never, ever forget what you witnessed!

Can You Escort Me to the Red Wave Line Please?

So as we waited for the “Red Wave” that we now know, and already suspected was smoke and mirrors, those with one hand in the scriptures and the other in the daily newspaper (Billy Graham), understand something.  We understand like the sons of Issachar (I Chronicles 12:32) that though we should know what to do in times like these, the rules of discerning this as an acclaimed educated person are no more; and new, diverse, and resolute thinking caps are a prerequisite for this new game.  In fact, it was Jesus who once said to the most learned of his people (Scribes and Pharisees) as it pertained to the Torah and supposedly life, that his assessment of them was that though they knew where Jim Cantore was and likewise the weather channel postings for the week, when it came to the signs of the reset times, they hadn’t a clue (Matt. 16:3).  Then in walks three 18- to 29-year-old Americans sipping non-fat latte’s waiting for the next new thing to be for!  But I digress here.

Blind, or Selective Amnesia?

The point is that we are now witnessing a game of epic proportions.  And even though the wiser of us sensed this for far too long, and the evidence is now blatantly out there for anyone who would turn the T.V. off to actually read something, we trod along with the same naivety that seems to know no bounds.  It’s as if somehow, we forgot that the healthcare establishment, in lockstep with mainstream media and the federal government, pushed and sold the vaccine narrative until someone on a once supreme court popped them on the hand and said they couldn’t jab all of us with straight face anymore. 

We evidently also forgot that any continued mounting evidence of a far more sinister plot long in the workings also has a paper and video trail (for goodness sakes) that is easily ascertained if we’ll just put the crack pipe down!

We also forgot the fact that our relatives, under the evil guise of “the health of others”, while sick with COVID both real and contrived, or any other illness, were locked away; the keys thrown away, and they died, alone.  In addition, the relatives that watched and equally bought in to the narrative as a manufactured necessity, though we still must love them, shunned us and many refused to even associate with us if we chose to remain unvaccinated

We also misremembered that churches who were once the beacon of light that pushed back on government overreach and obvious sinister plots, decided that they would help push the same narrative in the interest of care, concern and “ooey, gooey” love for them.  I for one think that was awfully nice of them, don’t you? 

And so, at the end of the day, evidently, as long as everyone still got to keep their beamer, their cozy house and otherwise cushy life, they would gladly also push the narrative now pervasive among the masses. They would boisterously ostracize others, rejoice with equal smugness in the inability of others to be able to provide for their families, and blindly ignore that we’d been here before; not too long ago actually. At least that’s how it started.

Just ask the Germans. 

But I digress, again. 

I mean don’t worry.  Everyone will continue to tread along without missing a beat.

So, What Are We Waiting For?

But we’re waiting for that red wave, nonetheless.  But like Godot, it doesn’t appear to be coming either.  But we can surely still hear, “Happy Days are Here Again” playing at a rally somewhere near you. In fact, you can hear them chant, “Don’t worry, Daddy Trump will save us again”.  But wait, another shouts, “No man, it’s Ron De-Sanctimonious.  He’s, our man.  If he can’t do it, nobody can”!  And in irony of ironies, though I can’t get my arms around it admittedly, whoever the left’s man will be, they have now doubled down on their rhetoric.  They truly believe the world they envision with no heaven and religion too is the one we all need.  After all, they know best.

But the point is, well, I guess you could say: while we were busy sucking up all the gullibility left in the world, the left got “left-ier” and the right got “right-ier” I suppose.  But ah, that shining city on a Hill can still be seen if you look hard enough! 

And what color light is it for those who can still see it?  Well, I don’t know.  I can’t really tell from where I’m sitting. But it certainly doesn’t look red I don’t think.  But it does looks more like a wave.  So there’s hope after all, right? 

But wait.  It appears as though the wave is neither red nor blue.  But it sure does look big.  More like a Tsunami I’d say.  And the truth is, it looks like it’s headed our way!  So buckle up butter cup!


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Peace out.

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